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So you’re a new commissioned, non-commissioned or warrant officer; you’ve finished your advanced training and earned your AFSC, MOS or COD.

You’re young, motivated and working hard to gain the experience to be excellent in service to the American people. Your discipline and drive are rewarded with an excellent paycheck and one of the best benefits packages around.

But how do you put that money to work?

At Fly High Finance you’ll gain the knowledge you need to navigate the military pay system and the tools to help you live the lifestyle you desire, prepare for the future and achieve financial independence.

Wondering why your checking account is always empty at the end of the month? I’ll show you how to create an actionable plan to ensure your money goes where you want it to.

Major life event on the horizon? When you decide to get married or have kids, Fly High Finance will help you cover all of your bases to ensure that your family is taken care of. When it’s time to PCS, deploy or go on an extended TDY, Fly High Finance will teach you how to make the most of your entitlements so that you get paid the right amount, on time.

Confused about the future of military pay and benefits? By subscribing to Fly High Finance, you’ll stay up to date as Congress modernizes the retirement system and modifies your benefits. You’ll learn how to weather the upcoming cuts and what to do when you get a raise.

Want the freedom and peace of mind that comes with financial independence? If you play your cards right and follow the steps you’ll learn here, you will have a surplus of income that you can put to work towards your long-term goals. Whether you want to retire early, build start-up capital to start a business when you separate, or enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you are prepared for wherever life takes you, Fly High Finance is here to empower you.